What is Neon?

Neon is just amazing. There are neon particles in the very air we breath. In a nutshell, a neon light is a vacuum sealed tube filled with a mixture of rare gas. Electrodes at each end send a high voltage current through the tube which excites the neon gas so much that it starts to glow.

Are Neon signs dangerous?

Yes and no. Like all electrical appliances they need to be treated with an amount of safety and common sense. Glass is a natural insulator so you won’t get a shock from touching tubes directly, but with that being said NEVER, EVER touch an exposed wire. We expertly manufacture our signs to the highest standards, but it’s very important to observe standard electric safety regardless. If for whatever reason your sign breaks or stops working, unplug and get in touch with us. All of our products

How long Does it take?

Every single sign is made by hand and fully fabricated on order so delivery time is between 10 working days depending on the size and design. When you purchase your sign we’ll keep you updated with how it’s coming along.

How do you ship them?

We expertly package our neon signs and use trusted courier companies which allows us to deliver your Solas sign directly to your door. On the very rare occasion that there are problems when your sign arrives we have a 14 day money back guarantee as well as a team that can be contacted to help assist with any issues.  

Hiring a Neon? Here’s how it works.

Looking for that picture perfect neon sign for your wedding or event? In 2019 we’ll be launching a full portfolio of neon lights for hire with pick up points in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. Coming soon!

Do we make custom neon signs?

Sure do! We work closing with clients across Scotland and the rest of the UK designing and fabricating fully custom neon signs for interiors, homes and businesses. All our signs are built to be posted directly to you and are fully self installable. We also can quote for any installation, nationwide. What the hell are you waiting for?!

Are we fully Trained?

Yes - As a small business it’s very important to us that all our products are made to the highest quality and standard. Every step from design to glass bending, fabrication and packaging is done by our team of trained professionals that ensure your neon light is well made and is up to safety standards. All our neons are PAT tested and covered by product liability insurance.